Thomas Patrick McKeever 
Born In Los Gatos California
In The Spring Of 1964.
The family of five soon moved to Benicia California
along the shores of the Carquinez Straights.
This is where young Thomas grew up and went to school.
He did well with school and entered many of his achievements
in the local fair receiving blue ribbons year after year.
Always interested in the arts,
Thomas spent time acquiring a taste
for good forms and craftsmanship.
While growing up Thomas admired
the fine yachts and graceful cruisers along
the waterfront. Later Thomas had the privilege
of restoring some. 
Thomas continued his education.
Enrolling at Solano College to study metallurgy,
he acquired machine shop and welding skills.
Although these skills were very interesting and useful,
Thomas had to return to his love of working with wood.
All was round and smooth upon completion of the
Wood Technology Program at Laney College.
Seeking employment in this noble field,
he was offered a position under Robert Erickson.
For five years he worked on refining forms skills and techniques.
Each day was a quest to find beauty in
the world of fine furniture.
After Erickson, Thomas found work with one, and then
another cabinet shop. The first was Keith Moon Fine Woodworking,
the second was Rivendell Woodcrafts.
The seeds were sewn.
He opened his own shop,
first under his own name then
under Noble Bear Quality Woodworks,
and yes, in Benicia where his roots are deep.

Noble Bear Quality Woodworks